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Symptoms of Severe Anxiety

· Anxiety

Anxiety is a state of mind when you are not happy with the current situation and the emotion of loneliness is cutting you from inside. Under such circumstances, you make a distance from everyone and sink in your nostalgic state. Anxiety makes you nervous and fearful among your own friends and social sphere. In order to avoid severe results of anxiety, you can visit homoeopathic doctor Hoboken.

Cause of Anxiety

There are many reasons which are underlying the cause of anxiety some of them are.

1. Some people find it very difficult to communicate with others and become uncomfortable in social gatherings, this is due to some incidences that they have come across in their childhood which embarrassed them at that time. The impressions of such incidences do not go away easily as a result of which person do not able to come up with these memories even in the adult stage.

2. Many people suffer from different types of phobia like phobia from water, height, blood and when they come across such situation, anxiety is very natural to them.

3. High blood pressure is also responsible for anxiety in the people.

4. Stress and anxiety have a direct relationship, higher the stress higher will be anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

1. Difficulty in Social Interactions

People who are the victims of anxiety have troubles in social interactions. In such situations, you can see them full of fear and nervousness. Their actions and gestures are so confusing which can make someone puzzle about their odd behaviour.

2. High Blood Pressure

The other symptoms of anxiety are high blood pressure when the flow of blood is very high in your veins and arteries, it makes you feel low and down. Feelings like giddiness and fainting are associated with anxiety due to high blood pressure.

3. Fatigue

When you are suffering from anxiety, it makes you exhausted soon. This is because your body burns extra energy in carrying out those tasks like the high rate of heartbeat, shivering, fear etc. as a result of which you get fatigue soon in anxiety.

4. Stress

Stress is very common in today's hectic lifestyle. One cannot remains separated from it even after trying all the efforts. But we can try to at least minimize it by taking care of certain things in our day to day life, like do not stress out on trivial things. In case the stress in your life increase, anxiety will automatically get increased, as they go hand in hand

5. Heavy Head

A headache, giddiness and revolving head is one of the main symptoms of anxiety in many people. You can visit anxiety treatment Hoboken in order to get rid of this problem. There you can get the advice of expert homeopathic doctors to overcome your anxiety.

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