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Signs that you are suffering from depression


Depression is a very common term nowadays, you can almost hear it from every other person or you might have even experienced it yourself sometime, even if it was for a brief period of time. When a person seems to be uninterested in a lot of things which they once took pleasure in, there is a very high possibility that they are suffering from depression. If you feel like having any of the symptoms of depression, visit Pediatric Urgent Care Lyons and get diagnosed and treated by a Doctor.

Depression is a silent killer, in a survey it was seen that almost 80% of the people suffering from depression don’t take any professional help to deal with it, which is very worrisome. In some cases extreme depression and stress is the reason for taking the life of a person, suicidal thoughts and not feeling like belonging somewhere, these are the types of feelings that the sufferers face. Depression can make you take some of the worst decisions of your life like drug abuse, alcohol addiction, cutting yourself away from your loved ones etc.

Although, signs of depression are quite visible on a person’s behavior and health but still, it could be there in a very happy looking or satisfied person. So, here are some common signs and symptoms of depression mentioned below:

  1. Loss of energy

Feeling of fatigue, weakness and physically drained and the feeling of exhaustion while doing even the smallest and easiest tasks. Taking long hours to do any sort of work, trying to avoid work at all cost. Loss of stamina while exercising or playing or the feelings of “not feeling like doing it” are some of the symptoms.

  1. Self criticizing

Feeling worthless and guilty about you and blaming yourself for every mistakes and faults that you encounter.

  1. Anger or irritability

Feeling of anger, destruction and even violence. Your tolerance level has sunk so low that you can’t even stand something or someone or their talks. You are unable to hold any emotional stress or anger and take it out on anybody or on small and petty things.

  1. Unable to concentrate

Not being able to concentrate, focus and study or even making a good or firm decision in any situation. Sometime you are not even able to remember small or even big details about someone or some event etc.

  1. Change in weight

Excess loss or gain in weight, the fluctuations of weight will be different for different person. Some people will have an increased appetite and weight gain while others will not feel hungry at all thus losing weight.

Looking at all the above symptoms, if you are pretty sure that you are or might be suffering from depression you need to search Pediatric Urgent Care near Me and visit a doctor and get a diagnosis and treatment. If you are not into medications and hate all that, then you need to apply for a behavioral therapy course under a good and experienced psychiatrist.

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